About Ted

Ted Faulkner

Hi! I’m Ted Faulkner, a seasoned Executive Chef and graduate of Indian River State College.

I started like anyone starts in the food world, with a completely other goal.

Prior to working in the culinary field, I  studied Aerospace Engineering with plans to work for NASA. However, I felt drawn to cooking and hospitality more then space shuttles. You could say the food sciences got me in the end.

I spent a summer soaking up industry knowledge and gaining foundational understanding at Martha’s Vineyard. A truly grateful experience I still hold close till this day.

I took my first lead role after working under the guidance of Chef Joe Faria at Quail Valley for nine seasons, starting at the salad station and working my way up to Chef de Cuisine.

I love to continue expanding my culinary knowledge and learning more about  cuisines and cooking techniques. In my free time (when I get any), I enjoy traveling, spending time with my supportive girlfriend and our spoiled fur-daughter Kiki.

Some compliments are best left to simple phrasing: “That Does Not Suck” is the highest honor I can bestow on foodie experiences that truly inspire me to the culinary core.

I’ve created this space to share the love of  unique flavors, foodie vibes and everything in between. I hope after you leave you are inspired to chase dishes beyond your normal, enlightened by the culinary arts or even a little hungry for something delicious.

Reach out!